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Business R & D

Research and Development:
CPCL established an in-house R&D Centre in 1986, the first of its kind in India, to.

  • Provide technological inputs to meet the corporate objective of technical excellence in all aspects of refinery operations
  • Promote indigenous technologies for refinery processes in association with laboratories
  • Develop new products and upgrade the quality of the existing petroleum products

The R&D Centre has the recognition of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research since its inception. A Research Advisory Committee consisting of scientists from IIT M, Anna University and IOC R&D has been formed for reviewing the research programs of R&D.

 CPCL has invested about Rs. 20 crore to establish pilot plants and analytical facilities in the last two decades and has been recognized as a leading research facility in the area of Petroleum refining in India.

Major Areas of Research:

  • Crude Assay – over 100 crudes have been assayed in detail
  • Evaluation of Catalyst and Feedstock for FCC, Hydroprocessing and Hydrocracking process units
  • Development of Catalysts for Refining Processes
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Product Formulation – Rubber Process Oils, Modified Bitumen
  • Oxidative and Adsorptive Desulphurisation
  • Biofuels

Major Research Facilities Available at Manali Refinery
Pilot Plants:

  • TBP Distillation Unit for carrying out detailed Assays on Imported and Indigenous Crudes.
  • Hydrotreating Pilot Plant
  • Catalytic Reformer Microreactor Unit
  • Liquid Liquid Extraction Pilot Plant
  • ACER MAT Unit for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Evaluation
  • Hydrocracker Pilot  Plant

Catalytic Reformer Pilot Plant
Pilot Plant

Liquid Liquid Extraction Unit


True Boiling Point (TBP) Unit for Crude Assays

Analytical facilities for Crude assay, Hydrocarbon type analysis of petroleum fractions and Catalyst characterization:

  • Gas chromatographs for PIONA, SIMDIST and RGA
  • GC-PFPD for Sulfur compounds in Fuel products
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer for trace element analysis
  • Inductively Couple Plasma –Mass Spectrometer  for trace metal analysis
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Thermogravimetric Analyser
  • Petroleum Testing Equipments
  •  Catalyst characterization facilities such as Surface area analyzer, Particle size analyzer, Crushing strength apparatus etc.,

Inductively Couple Plasma –Mass Spectrometer  for  trace metal analysis

The research centre provides valuable inputs to refinery operations in terms of Crude assay, selection of catalysts and feed-stocks for various process units such as FCC, DHDS, Lube, Wax Hydrofinishing etc., The Centre also provides analytical support for optimization and trouble shooting of various process unit operations.

Achievements & Recognitions:
The R&D Centre in collaboration with IIP, Dehradun and EIL has developed a technology for lube extraction which has been commercialized at IOC Haldia in its 0.35 MTPA lube plant. In recognition of this achievement, CPCL has won the technology award of CSIR.
R&D centre in collaboration with CSMCRI developed R.O Membranes for water treatment.  A demonstration unit with 1 Million Liters per day capacity R.O Unit with indigenously developed membrane was put up in CPCL TTP Plant.
The Centre has about six Patents in the areas of catalyst formulation and lube extraction and has also published about 40 papers in International Journals and Symposiums.
R&D centre has sponsored research projects in Academic Institutions and National Laboratories and has also been recognized by Anna University and IIT Madras for carrying out research work leading to MS/Ph.D programs.

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