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At CPCL, surpassing our own standards o f excellence has been a consistently occurring phenomenon. A humble journey started with a refining capacity of 2.5 MMTPA has now grown to be the largest refining company of South India.

A steely resolve to stick to quality, an unrelenting passion to tread on a consistent growth path, the finest of technology, care for environment, all put together, make CPCL a resounding success story, year after year.

As part of the MoU signed with Indian Oil Corporation for the year 2015-16,

CPCL would strive:

  • To maximise the profit and return on capital employed of the company.
  • To optimise utilisation of the Refining capacity at Manali and at Cauvery Basin, including selection of appropriate Crude mix and production of Value Added products.
  • To maximise the yield of distillates in order to improve the Gross Margin.
  • To develop energy improvement schemes and reduce energy consumption and losses in the refinery
  • To synergise marketing infrastructure, R&D activities, capabilities and strategies with that of IOC to optimize the resources.
  • To move towards international standards of excellence in Refinery operations.
  • To strengthen information systems and information technology.
  • To continue efforts towards safety achievement and environmental protection.
  • To ensure execution of projects without time or cost overrun.
  • To focus training efforts on team building, leadership, creation of competitive mind-set and Refinery economics.
  • To maintain reliability of operations at high level.
  • To'identify new growth areas for diversification.
  • To augment infrastructure for crude sourdng and product evacuation.
  • To address the needs and issues of the society and the community around through Social and Community Initiatives
  • To achieve sustainable development through proactive Environmental Management practices.
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