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The grievances, if any, of tendering parties shall be lodged with the Tender Grievance Redressal Committee of CPCL, with a copy to the Tender Inviting Authority.

The Names and Contact details of the Tender Grievance Redressal Committee members are given below:

1.Shri P.Subrahmanyam, Chief General Manager(CP)- Convenor
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited,
536 Anna Salai Teynampet,
Chennai 600 018.
Phone No.044-24342629,
EMail id: psubbi[at]cpcl[dot]co[dot]in

2.Shri B. Panneer Selvam, Chief General Manager(Operations) -Member
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited,
Manali Refinery, Manali,
Chennai 600 068.
Phone No.044-25943652,
E Mail id: pselvam[at]cpcl[dot]co[dot]in

3.Shri M.S Raghunathan,General Manager(Finance) -Member
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited,
Manali Refinery, Manali,
Chennai 600 068.
Phone No.044-25944161,
EMail id:msraghu[at]cpcl[dot]co[dot]in

This Committee will examine the grievances and put up its recommendations to the concerned Functional Director, who will be the Grievance Officer.

Grievances regarding the Notice Inviting Tender (challenging the conditions of tender) shall be submitted to the Cellwithin three working days from the last date of sale of tender documents.  The grievances received later than three working days will not be entertained.

Grievances regarding the tender process (other than NIT related grievances) shall be submitted to the Committee before the price bid opening.

The decision taken by the Grievance Officer will thereafter be communicated to the aggrieved party, in writing, by theConvener of the Grievance Redressal Committee.

In case, the Tendering Party is not satisfied with the decision of the Grievance Officer, he will have the right of appeal.The Tendering Party shall appeal to the Convener of the Grievance Redressal Committee.This appeal will be considered and disposed of by a Committee of Functional Directors of the Company. 

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