Your Company regards its employees as one of the key drivers of growth by providing a congenial work environment.

The total manpower of your Company as on 31st March 2015 was 1628, comprising of 744 supervisors and 884 non-supervisors (1688 as on 31st March 2014, comprising of 778 supervisors and 910 non-supervisors).

During the year, to promote cordial industrial relations climate, the Functional Management conducted 9 meetings with the Office Bearers of Union and Officers Association on various occasions. Further, 11 structured communication meetings with Office bearers of Welfare Associations were conducted. Memorandum of Settlement under section 18(1) and 2(p) of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947 on work related Allowance/facilities, Cafeteria approach and on Career Progression Policy for workmen was signed between Management and recognized union.

Further, during the year, communication meetings with the Functional Management were conducted wherein physical and financial performances of the Company were discussed. Suggestion for productivity and profitability improvements were received from the employees.

Your Company has been taking continuous effort for developing its human resources by organizing training programs for employees at all levels. During the year, 2.5 Man-days per employee for training was achieved meeting the target and in total 4120 Man-days training were provided to employees in various training programs. In order to develop the technical knowledge, the Core course Program was conducted at Refinery Engineering School of Training (RESOT) for Supervisory employees.

Training Programs on Leadership Development including Risk Management were conducted. In addition to the formal training, programmes aimed at developing the technical and non-technical skills of the employees, innovative programs on physical and mental health of the employees like yoga, meditation, etc were also conducted

Your Company has been meticulously following the Presidential Directives and various instructions of the Government relating to the welfare of the SC, ST, OBC, and differently abled persons. Out of the total manpower, there were 396 SC employees (previous year: 414) and 37 ST employees (previous year: 38) as on 31.03.2015 constituting 24.32% and 2.27% of the total manpower respectively.